Pennie Elfick

Between Spaces
Etching and Mokuhanga Chine Collé

Embossed print with Mokuhanga and collage
22 x 20cm

I use printmaking as an extension to my practice; I am able to explore different ways of conveying my interest in those fleeting glimpses of spaces found in the environment whether created by light and shadow, man or nature.  The technical side of printmaking is challenging and I enjoy the somewhat unexpected results that can be achieved at times.

I use a combination of etching, relief and embossing and to create different surfaces, frequently this means that I am using several plates and all sorts of things happen along the way!

18 May I think 8 - 9 weeks in LD has made me slow! Another b/w cuboid I think I enjoy colour really! ...

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8 May Cubiform 10 different view point each side is different but connected ...

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#artistsupportpledge Number 4 fell by the wayside 150 x 50cm £200 ...

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30 April the painting went under the sander this morning and is now a beautiful blue with a surface that isn’t quite settled - what a relief a good end to 30 days! Now for May ...

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25 April sometimes studies should be as that bad painting day so here is pc of work by Peter Seal- much more interesting! ...

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