Somerset Printmakers aim to be inclusive and diverse in its membership. Whatever the level of experience of an applicant, what we look for is:

  • A clear individual ‘voice’ and sense of purpose in the work
  • A good level of skill in whatever process/es are being used
  • A professional level of presentation

We have an annual submission, closing date 30 Sept.  You may send in your application earlier but results will not be sent out until mid October

Please contact Lisa Takahashi  email: [email protected]

  • 5 good images of your work
  • Your name, address, email and any social media you use.
  • A brief statement telling us what training/qualifications, if any, you have, what you aim for in your work, both in subject matter and techniques, and anything else you feel is relevant.

We don’t have a selection committee; we just look for a majority of members to say yes to your application.

Membership is currently £30 per annum. This covers maintenance of the website, plus supporting expenses of some of the Groups exhibitions.

The initial cost to join is £130 which includes your presence on the website and your annual subs