Rosalind Marchant

Loch Shiel
Aluminium etching
20 x 20cm,

Aluminium etching
30 x 15cm

My prints are semi-abstract and are developed from sketches made of landscapes in Somerset and, more recently, the South West of France where I now live. The Pays de Serres area in the Midi-Pyrenées is well known for its distinctive undulating hillsides and oak woodlands and for its fields of vines, fruit, maize, millet and sunflowers. The shapes and colours these produce throughout the year are now a major inspiration for my work .

Until recently I used copper plate for etching because I liked its colour and softness and because I could create fine lines and delicate textures. Now I use aluminium as an etching plate which enables me to work more quickly and, I hope, more spontaneously. It is also involves much safer and “greener” processes as I no longer use any toxic solvents or mordants in the studio.

Rue des Tanneurs,


82110 France


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