Lucy Rodgers

“Green Pears”
Reduction Lino
28cm x 28cm

“Cut Pears and Jug”
Reduction Lino
22cm x 32cm

I am a Somerset based printmaker making colour reduction lino and screen prints in my home studio and at Albatross Print Studio in Watchet. I studied fine art in Manchester and specialised in printmaking. I have been creating work since graduating back in the early 90s.

I am currently focussing on still life compositions using reduction lino printing and enjoying the technical challenges and delight that this process can bring.  I create small editions, mostly hand burnished, on Japanese papers but above all I love the use of bold colours and graphic shapes to celebrate the everyday objects that surround us in our homes and gardens.

I am a member of Albatross Print studio in Watchet and Somerset Art Works.