Members Welcome

Welcome to Somerset Printmakers Group!

We look forward very much to meeting you, and exhibiting your work with us.

Somerset as you know is a very large county, so the group from necessity does not work in a tightly formal way. We aim to share jobs amongst members as widely as possible, with just our treasurer remaining constant.

We have meetings when one is needed, i.e. to discuss exhibition possibilities, and any issues that have arisen out of previous exhibitions or activity. We try to have meetings in different members’ houses/studios as appropriate. On occasion we may use Zoom.

We have not at the moment any structured mentoring or practice support, but very much welcome any member asking the group for feedback, either one to one, or suggesting a ‘show and tell’ session at a meeting. The group is made up of practitioners with very different levels of experience and kinds of expertise to offer, and although our exhibitions are specifically about print, many members work in other media alongside printmaking. This gives the group access to a wide range of creative individuals.

The group welcomes all suggestions of venues in which to exhibit, or printmaking events in which to take part. Membership is currently £30 per year, which supports the Group website, and provides a core fund to contribute to exhibition expenses where needed.( Not all members take part in every exhibition, so participating members may need to contribute individually as well). We endeavour to estimate costs clearly before committing to any exhibition. We also endeavour to find venues where costs are limited to transporting work.

Thank you for joining us, and we hope to become a positive and active part of your creative life.

Membership secretary:¬† Lisa Takahashi¬† email: [email protected]