Angela Naunton Davies

Frond Memories
72cms x 92cms

Norfolk Reeds Dancing
72cms x 92cms

As an artist and as a person I passionately feel that the environmental issues facing the Earth can no longer be ignored and I feel an increasing need to work with the natural elements of the world around me.

I find that plant materials with or without the alteration due to the process  of decay can produce an extraordinarily rich inspiration, however uncomfortable the outcomes. The breadth of print techniques and media provide a rich pallet of the many ways of transmitting these contradictions into something which can be both more tangible or ethereal. More recently I have been combining solar etchings with more familiar techniques.

I continue respond to colour and sound but my interpretation is changing.

My print workshop is in a small village surrounded by very fertile soil. I have the privilege of being able to walk a network of footpaths, to experience and  compare land usage and the unpredictable passage of the seasons.

Denman Cottage

Church Street, Lopen

South Petherton, Somerset, TA13 5JX


[email protected]

telephone: 01460 240921