Bronwen Bradshaw

Etching printed onto porcelain paperclay
14 x 11cm


Cornus Mas + Rose
25 x 25cm

Bronwen Bradshaw specialises in aluminium etching, ceramics, and artists’ books.

‘My prints are based on drawings of the natural world, a turnaround from working with abstraction for many years, which still surprises me. But they retain traces of the abstract: markmaking and rhythm still play a strong role in the work; colour less so. I tend to work in series, and a series can become an artist’s book, often incorporating my own writing. Ceramics is a relatively new venture, functional and non functional pots sometimes have print added, as in the image here.
I hold etching classes at my studio, and have taught printmaking to many of Somerset’s artists, the most experienced of whom have formed ‘Fingerprint’: a group of printmakers who work together  in my studio. Fingerprint mount occasional exhibitions in Somerset, and are also all members of Somerset Printmakers’.

She has been an artist member of the Royal West of England Academy since 1987.

The Print Room,
Dove Studios, Butleigh
Somerset BA6 8TL


email: [email protected]

Instagram: @bronbradshaw

“Home-a-dove, my contribution to the Red Dress project this weekend @thereddress_kirstiemacleod #embroidery ...

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The Red Dress at Dove Studios today, after a weekend of hugely enjoyable stitching to add to this great project @thereddress_kirstiemacleod #embroidery ...

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Performance under the trees in the sanctuary that is the treehouse corner. A lovely performance space, rain or shine. And this was definitely rain....big thanks to all both players and onlookers, you were staunch! ...

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Diana Milstein on the etching press hanging her work for SAW ‘19 #somerset art weeks#[email protected] arts#Diana Milstein ...

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‘A Love of Trees’ - my book of etchings and letterpress typeface on show at Venue 108 #somerset Art weeks#amazing space#artists’ books#etching#[email protected] ...

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Sophie Willoughby’s Bird masks have alighted on the Doorhouse verandah #somersetartweeks#[email protected][email protected]#masks ...

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My ceramic pieces and etchings to be shown at ACE Arts from Saturday 14th through to the end of SAW. Part of an exhibition by the Fingerprint group of printmakers - PV tomorrow 6-8pm, all welcome @acearts_somerton @Dovearts#prinmaking#ceramics#paperclay ...

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Learning a lot about Mokuhanga AND Letterpress, printing this for Somerset Printmakers show in Bath next month @dove studios #somersetprintmakers #letterpress #mokuhanga #Bladud of Bath ...

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