Julia Manning

Crow disturbs the Ravens 3 Woodcut 90 x 60cms, Twinletts Woodcut 60 X 45cm Julia Manning is a Somerset based artist-printmaker. Full member of The Society of Wildlife Artists. Participated in the Wallasea RSPB residency  2015 Wadden Sea Denmark project 2019 Full Member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (Bankside Gallery 48 Hopton ST, ... Read more

Rosalind Marchant

Loch Shiel Aluminium etching 20 x 20cm, River Aluminium etching 30 x 15cm My prints are semi-abstract and are developed from sketches made of landscapes in Somerset and, more recently, the South West of France where I now live. The Pays de Serres area in the Midi-Pyrenées is well known for its distinctive undulating hillsides ... Read more

Gail Mason

Promise Silkscreen on cotton rag paper 33 x 56cm, Lagoon Silkcreen monotype on canvas 56 x 56cm ‘Places I would like to be….’ My work is concerned with the experience of being in… or sense of…a place or journey… real or imagined. These unique monotype silkscreen paintings do not seek to be physically accurate or ... Read more

Tony Martin

image 08 Monotype 30 x 30cm Image 16 Monotype 30 x 45cm The prints often begin with certain self imposed rules working in tandem with improvised decisions which in turn offer new possibilities. Rules such as the number of lines allowed in each square, one vertical and horizontal, begin at the left, right or centre, ... Read more

Jane Mowat

Strange child Woodcut 77 x 137cm Two figures in water Woodcut 67 x 117cm My prints are inspired by the wood itself, its surface grain, knots, and the shape of the block.  Working with natural woods allows me to collaborate with a material that is organic and living, and has an energy of its own. ... Read more

Angela Naunton Davies

Frond Memories Monoprint 72cms x 92cms Norfolk Reeds Dancing Monoprint 72cms x 92cms As an artist and as a person I passionately feel that the environmental issues facing the Earth can no longer be ignored and I feel an increasing need to work with the natural elements of the world around me. I find that ... Read more

Vera Sheaf

Seeing the Light Monoprint 19x19cms Summer Escape Monoprint 19x19cms Primarily a colourist, I am interested in the rhythms and reflections found in landscape and also the shapes and shadows of the man made environment.In the studio I work instinctively allowing time, memory and chance to influence the imagery. 15 Courthouse Close Somerton TA11 7EU [email protected] ... Read more

Jacy Wall

'Precious Water' Etching and Drypoint 35 x 25cm 'Spikes on Red' Etching and Drypoint 14.5 x 12cm BA Constructed Textiles (Middlesex Polytechnic) MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking (UWE Bristol) I started printmaking some years after establishing my woven tapestry practice, in order to explore ideas and mark making that are not possible in textiles. The two disciplines ... Read more

Judy Willoughby

Somerset Coastal Hangings 1 Screenprints 1800 x 35cm     Somerset Coastal Hangings 2 screenprints 1800 x 35cm     Most recently my work has been inclined towards the natural world and the details therein; Taking time for a closer look at plants, insects anything and everything that is of interest in terms of structure, ... Read more