Jane Mowat - At The Threshold

Figure resting beneath a mountain - Wood cut

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Jane Mowat

I am inspired by the figurative image – narratives where gesture and expression play their part, often in a landscape setting.  Birds and animals are often included, paralleling the human story.

Although I produce small etchings and monoprints, most of my work is in the form of woodcuts that use the grain and the shape of the wood as inspiration.  These are then printed onto fine Japanese or Nepalese papers by hand. 

I am interested in a variety of cultures and studied art history for my degree, and this has influenced me to a certain extent in the forms and shapes in my images.  Story telling and legends sometimes  give me the the beginnings of an idea, but often it is a gesture, or the psychology behind the common actions in life such as sleeping, or watching something, that is the subject.

I have exhibited extensively in London and the south west.

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